Sunday, July 17, 2011

A note about Quickbooks 2009 and 2010

What's the news for those folks using earlier versions of Quickbooks for Mac? Bad news. Not supported in Lion. My favorite paragraph in the explanation:

We know many of you are disappointed by this news. We’re sad to deliver it. And it’s just us telling you this, the QuickBooks for Mac team. Not our marketing or PR department. We want you hear the full story straight from us. All of you are important to us.

Oh. Like, "I'm breaking up with you, but at least I'm doing it by email and not by texting you". It's a ridiculous statement which basically says that if Intuit supported older software compatibility, they wouldn't have time to keep their newest working. 

...we have to be honest and say that supporting new operating systems is a significant investment in our team’s time. It means testing, finding, and fixing bugs in all three versions on all the operating systems. It’s not quite three times as much work across the board, but it is a significant increase. And that would mean that we wouldn’t have time to improve QuickBooks for Mac to make it even better based on your feedback. 

I don't buy it. Microsoft does it with Office, even Adobe with the CS series, many software companies keep updating older versions. Some of my dearest friends are still using FileMaker 10 happily even though the current is FileMaker 11.

Here's the full explanation from Intuit.

"Well, you SEE Mrs. Cleaver..."

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