Saturday, July 16, 2011

I'm Back!

Macmama has been very busy in the last 2 months, moving to a new home, sneaking a puppy into the house, and receiving a homeward bound college freshman. So apologies for the silence.
Here we are , at the forefront of the release of Lion, and all kinds of questions are swirling in the clouds, the very same cloud being one of them.
But, one thing that HAS been keeping me up at night, besides aforementioned freshman and puppy, is the compatibility of Quickbooks 2011, which I use grudgingly but religiously. There have been many statements by Intuit indicating that Quickbooks was not compatible with Lion. But yesterday, they released an update that solved that issue. Here is the link:


Now as far as Quicken for Mac, we are not so lucky. Since the Mac version was originally built for PowerPC architecture, Intel based macs had to use Rosetta;  a dynamic translation process which allows software built for PowerPC's to run on Intel Macs;  to run Quicken. SO according to Intuit, your choices are:

1. Use Quicken Essentials (Aughhhh!!!)
2. Use (hmmm)
3. Use Quicken for Windows (now come on!!)

Look at the full explanation here:

Intuit 'splains

So I am using Quicken Essentials, and as a long time Quicken user, I do not like it. It's flabby, and looks different to me. And trust me , I do NOT need to make balancing my checkbook any more difficult than it already is.

OK, time to take the puppy to the dog park.

By the way:

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