Friday, September 30, 2011


Yes, I am going to upgrade to the new iPhone that is allegedly being announced this Tuesday. Will I do it right away? And the bigger question, will I leave AT&T?
That depends on a a couple of things. Namely, if it has dual mode CDMA and GSM, I'll switch in a flash (no reference to Adobe). If I have to choose CDMA in order to switch to Verizon, (and actually be able to get a signal in my house), I may have to think about it.
More on that later. Must go walk dog. By the way, at the dog park, I get FABULOUS AT&T service. WTF?!

A Keeper, until...

Yes, the update is, I like the bag. The Eagle Creek Dane that is. I have been using it for about 6 weeks, and I must say, I have not run into a situation where I wished it had more room or more sections. The backpack straps are just fine, and when it is packed well, it actually can stand up like a hard sided briefcase. There are a few things I would like, though.

1. A place for a water bottle on the side.
2. A waist strap to take some of the weight off of my shoulders.
3. Better looking exterior. Yes it's slick, but it's just another black bag among black bags.

So until something else comes along, I'll continue to go between this and my Tom Binh Super Ego.

I like the Binh for looks and style, but the Dane holds more and is more comfortable to wear. Tom Binh has some beautiful (read expensive) bags, and is made in Seattle. So if you are feeling like getting something that will turn some geek heads, and have the cash, check them out at the link above.