Sunday, February 13, 2011

Everything I learned, I learned from my mother.

My mother is 82, blond and Hungarian. She wears designer jeans, Dolce Gabbana sunglasses, has a perpetual tan and walks 3 miles every day. Here 's a conversation I witnessed when I went with her and her friends (also Hungarian) Adele, Ruza for a late lunch in Kansas City after our pedicure at Walmart. I'll wait for you to take that all in... The conversation was between my mother and the waitress.

Mom (with Hungarian accent): Sweetheart, bring me eggwhite omelet.

Waitress (with Kansas City drawl): Ma'am, we have lot's of delicious things on the menu, but unfortunately we don't serve breakfast after 11:30.

Mom: I know... bring me eggwhite omelet.

Waitress:  (Smile) Golly, Ma'am, I can actually suggest some wonderful soups or sandwiches, but unfortuantely, we don't serve omelets at this time of day.

Mom: I know... bring me eggwhite omelet. And some potatoes WELL DONE. CRISPY!

Waitress: OK. No problem. (walks away)

Mom turns to me and says: If I teach you one thing, it's this. Don't take no for an answer.

So in a true display of genetics, I got the MicroCell for free, as I described in the previous post. This is all to say that I set it up, it was "live" in about 25 minutes, and I now have 4-5 bars on my iPhone in the house. Next!

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