Sunday, January 15, 2012

Zappos and 6PM customer accounts hacked.

I got an email today from and Zappos (yes, I know I have shoe issue,I'm working on it!) to reset my password, because their database which contains my, as well as millions of others customer information was hacked. Is it legit? Seems like it, I also read it on the New York Observer site as well as Huffington Post.

What to do? Go the the Zappos and/or website, and you will see a CHANGE PASSWORD link. Sign in with your old one and they will email a link to the password change page to the email address on your account.

Here is the email I received from 6PM:

First, the bad news:
We are writing to let you know that there may have been illegal and unauthorized access to some of your customer account information on, including one or more of the following: your name, e-mail address, billing and shipping addresses, phone number, the last four digits of your credit card number (the standard information you find on receipts), and/or your cryptographically scrambled password (but not your actual password).
The database that stores your critical credit card and other payment data was NOT affected or accessed.
For your protection and to prevent unauthorized access, we have expired and reset your password so you can create a new password. Please follow the instructions below to create a new password.
We also recommend that you change your password on any other web site where you use the same or a similar password. As always, please remember that will never ask you for personal or account information in an e-mail. Please exercise caution if you receive any emails or phone calls that ask for personal information or direct you to a web site where you are asked to provide personal information.
We have expired and reset your password so you can create a new password. Please create a new password by visiting and clicking on the "Create a New Password" link in the upper right corner of the web site and follow the steps from there.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have any additional questions about this process, please email us at

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