Saturday, March 12, 2011

I didn't do it.

No, I did not buy the iPad 2. And yes, I was  tempted, especially since my friend Kendra kept texting me how much she LOVES her new one, and sending happy faces, and pics of the box. OK, Kendra, I got you into this Mac world, and now you have the best stuff!

So why didn't I bite? It does have some impressive improvements. First of all, I have an iPad already, and when I travel, I often take it instead of my 3 year old MacBook Pro. I email, play Scrabble, read the NY Times, keep my FileMaker database and even watch Netflix on it. I also use Logmein to get anything I need from my home system when I'm on the road. I don't really need another iCamera (I have the iPhone 4 which by the way has a flash, and the new iPad does not), I don't need any more features at this time. There is plenty of chatter on the web about "Should you or shouldn't you..." Yes, the A5 dual core processor will load your apps twice as fast, but the lack of a retina display means the screen resolutions  are about the same. And still no Flash.

if you should decide to ditch your iPad and upgrade to this new edition, you can sell yours on ebay, Craig's List, Gazelle, or

Or you can give it to your mom, your kid, your spouse, or anyone that doesn't need the latest and could appreciate it.

What I do need is to save my bucks to upgrade my main horse to the new quad core MacBook Pro, which I deeply covet.


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